Cousin Adam, The Golfer

Cousin Adam here. I was instructed by Lord of the Swingdom to tell his audience how I got into golf. So that’s what this is.

I’m not a golfer. My grandparents were golfers, but I am not a golfer. I don’t have a handicap, all of my clubs are hand me downs or literally came out of the garbage and I think having to wear collared shirts and white socks to hit a tiny ball around a 10 dollar round of golf is ridiculous. But living with Ben means that golf would occasionally come up in conversation.

I moved to Virginia to live with Ben and his wife Dora at the beginning of 2019. In their barn Ben installed a screen, projector and SkyTrak golf simulator. This is where I cut my teeth and built my swing. I first stepped back onto a golf course a few months later to play in a charity tournament at the pitch and putt 40 minutes from our house. I don’t remember what I shot. Not long after Ben took me to Meadowbrook Golf Club, and I remember getting very angry but not my score.

Ben and Dora moved back to England and I stayed in Virginia. Most evenings I would hit balls at the simulator. It was just to fill the hours I didn’t understand the fundamentals of hitting a good swing, and for all intents and purposes I still don’t.

I came to visit Ben and Dora in England and Ben took me to Bovey Tracey Golf Club, his new home course. It’s a fun little 9 hole course, and a perfect re-introduction to golf this was nearly a year after the pitch and putt I’d played. I don’t remember what I shot on my first round at that course.

Now I play there nearly once a week. I have a brand new set of Cobra irons, I occasionally hit a draw and own at least two collared shirts. I also hiked across Hadrian’s Wall in order to play at Lee Westwood’s course, Close House where the 2020 Betfred British Master’s was held. I shot 119. I love playing golf. It gets me outside, it keeps me socialized which is beneficial in a world that is currently burning itself to the ground.

I still think mandatory dress codes are archaic and ridiculous. #teamhoodie

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