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How did I start playing golf?

So glad you asked, as it happens to be one of my favorite stories. Well it’s not really my story, but I did start playing as a result.

My son, Gavin, who you’ve undoubtedly heard of on our podcast, is the whole reason I got into the game in the first place. From a very young age (we’re talking around 1) he enjoyed watching golf on tv. He was mesmerized by the players trotting up and down the fairways, the cheers of the crowd, and the glorious trophies handed out.

Anyways, my wife and I took Gavin to a driving range/mini golf course in Ruckersville, Virginia called Highlands Golf Park (free plug). The first four holes of mini golf butt up to one of the two driving ranges. While waiting on hole 4, we found Gavin mesmerized at the head LPGA professional, Gretchen Scheuermann (shoutout), giving a lesson to one of the older patrons. She took notice, as all good teachers do, and approached us after our round. She let Gavin take some swings with a youth club, commented on his natural swing, and encouraged us to enroll him in her toddler program. He was 2 by now.

Skip ahead a used set of junior clubs from a yard sale, five toddler lessons, and the start of an almost decades-long friendship with Miss Gretchen, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to start a tradition with my little man. I got myself a consignment store pitching wedge to practice in the back yard with. My neighbor, an older gentleman and avid golf fan, noticed my newfound interest and offered to take me out for a Father’s Day round to get me acquainted with a real golf course. He loaned me a set of old (and I mean, old) clubs, and so began the journey. I was 21.

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