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It's Master's Week

Magnolia Lane, Rae's Creek, Amen Corner, and a nearly empty Augusta National. This year I am watching The Master's from somewhere almost entirely different. I will still be watching on my tv at home, it just so happens home is now in the Southwest of England. And the good news is Augusta will be different as well. Due to a worldwide pandemic The Master's will be played in the fall, with cooler temps, orange and red leaves, and no roars, not even for the defending champion, Tiger Woods.

I have to admit I am looking forward to having a different Master's tournament. Instead of being recognised as the start of spring, it will be recognised as the end of Autumn. With almost no fans on the grounds, we will get a glimpse into the serenety of Augusta that only members get to see. Sunday will be played early with three balls instead of two, just to make sure we still have time to watch Sunday Night Football. And I am hoping, like last year, a little change will give some guys you wouldn't expect an advantage. Sit back grab a beverage of choice, and I hope you enjoy this week as much as I do,

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