Tiger, Tiger!

TIGER’S Back…or is he?

How many times do we find ourselves saying this in a year?

The biggest name in golf history, the modern hero, the reason most of us have any interest in golf. But is his career finally starting to fade out to a distant legacy? Almost a year ago to the day Tiger walked away with the ZOZO championship, tying Sam Sneads record of 82 PGA tour wins. What an incredible feat. But it seems to be in the past few years that his

form has declined to the point, that we’re genuinely surprised when we see he has won an

event…yep, we went from being shocked that anybody else has won, to being shocked that Tiger has won. Personally, I don’t see this changing much.

Look at the current field; DJ, Bryson, Brooks, JT, Morikawa, Wolff. The list goes on…

How often do we see these incredible athletes taking the big prize money? Almost any event they enter, they break into the top 10 and get a nice chunk of the purse.

And yet where’s Tiger? Defending his ZOZO championship? Seemingly not. Look at Wednesday, golf fans across the world muttering the now common phrase “Tigers back”.

Fast forward 24 hours and there he is, +4 for the day and tied 76 th. Leading the pack? Sebastian Munoz followed by Justin Thomas and Tyrrell Hatton at T2…. Youth over experience? Currently? Yes.

Is this what were going to be seeing more of in the future? I mean, it wasn’t an awful round, bar a double on the 13th . Id be over the moon to shoot 14 over let alone 4 over.

Its just not what we like to see right? We all want Tiger back on the throne! Scooping trophies and collecting big comedic size cheques with a smile on his face and glint in his eye, but it just doesn’t feel the same now. To me it feels like the new era of modern golfers are just miles ahead and yet I’m sure they could learn more from Tiger than any PGA pro teacher on the planet. Nobody can even start to doubt his incredible talent and unbelievable win record over the last 24 years but maybe it’s time we started supporting the younger guys the same way we have “fanboyed” over Tiger.

Golf isn’t a one horse race anymore and it could soon be time for us all to realize that Tiger isn’t the

animal he used to be.

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