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The Ragedom

Did the PGA tour get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, well at least most of its stars are trying to avoid it’s mystical danger.

The Bermuda Championship is being played, you guessed it, at the Port Royal Golf Course in Bermuda. I’m not that angry about this event, other than only one player inside the top 50 bothered to be there, that it’s par is set to 71, and since The Master’s is in two weeks, this isn’t even an alternate event field (even though it is). The purse is half of what it should be, every KF Tour player who should be on tour next year is there, and even Padraig Harrington, who is holding onto his tour days for dear life at 49, is in the top fifteen after day one. Oh yeah, did I mention the tinal tee time is four hours early to make sure we can all watch the NFL. What I’m trying to say, and will be trying to say for the next however many years is that, if the PGA tour is trying to appease our golf appetite, events like this one are hard to swallow.

I fully understand and sympathise that this is an event that helps young players get used to being on tour, and helps the older guys have another shot at glory. But if you look at it from my point of view, all it shows me is which guys out there aren’t sure if they have it anymore, if they ever did, or if they ever will. Henrik Stenson with an Olympic Silver Medal and his name on the Claret Jug is not only struggling, but withdrew after day one after shooting a 43 on the front 9. Padraig Harrington, who spent all of Covid in his side garden teaching Youtube how to chip is doing way better than expected, but is honestly just waiting for the Champions Tour to tell him he is old enough. And Danny Willet is going to have a hard time making the cut, and HE HAS A GREEN JACKET.

Then there are the players in the field who made massive splashes in college, but never really translated to the tour. Doug Ghim turned pro in 2018 after ranking as #1 amateur and winning the Low Am at the Master’s but has yet to claim a win. Patrick Rodgers is having a hard time getting the job done and he ties Tiger at 11 victories at their alma mater, Stanford University. And I’m still waiting for Beau Hossler to win an event after coming up short at the US Open 2012 after holding the solo lead against 3 time Major winner Jordan Spieth, AT THE AGE OF SEVENTEEN. I’m not saying these guys aren't great at golf, I’m saying professional golf is hard and we all know it.

The one thing I do understand is wanting to give the new, young guys a feeling of belonging. Let them get used to the PGA Tour, fans, media, obligatory gatherings, but why does it have to be at the expense of my golf enjoyment. There is the Korn Ferry Tour for a reason. To suss out who is worthy of making it to the next stage. Please let them stay there. If you have at maximum 156 spots in any given tournament that you absolutely have to fill, don’t. Give the prime TV time to the KF tour, where who wins and points mean something over the course of the year. Who knows, I might find a new face to cheer on.

I hope the PGA Tour finds its way out of the Triangle in the next two weeks, it’s going to be hard enough to watch the Master’s in November knowing golf is going away for the winter instead of celebrating all that golf brings us in spring.

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